Monday, September 2, 2013

Review: Homeschool Programming Inc.

Homeschool Programming Inc. is a full line Computer Science Curriculum teaching how to write computer programs and games. Though I think adults could benefit from this program as well, it's focus is on Kids & Teens in the 4th-12th grade levels! 

This program was created by Homeschooling Parents who were approached to help a family with Computer Programming due to their background of B.S. & M.S. degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Their 17 years of Computer Software experience led them to be the perfect Source. They quickly discovered that nothing like this was being offered to teach Homeschool Families and thus The Homeschool Programming Incwas birthed! 

So, I know your dying to know the courses offered and lots of yummy details, so here is the list of course options. Click on the links and it will give you a more detailed look at each course. 

KidCoder Web Series                                     

We were given the KidCoder Beginning Web Design to review. This is a two semester series and we have the first. The purchase gives you a CD and book to work from which would be very beneficial, but for
review purposes we were given downloads. I did have some minor set backs in downloading at first, but I don't foresee this being a problem when purchasing. 

Initially when I looked into this program I jumped at the chance to review it for one main reason. I have a son who is in love with the computer and quite frankly has to be pulled off of it every day. I really wanted to give him the opportunity to learn about how the internet works and how to create a web site. This course gives you the opportunity to not only learn about coding, but to practice on a website: Raptors: Birds of Prey. I really appreciate that the lessons are self taught and that it requires little help from a "Teacher". The course offers options on learning styles as well. So if you have a visual or auditory learner you can watch videos as well. 

Check out some sample lessons and Videos. 

Topics Covered in this Course (Taken from Website) KidCoder: Beginning Web Design
  • Mark-up concepts
  • Website layouts and files
  • Backing up projects
  • Essential HTML symbols
  • Styling of text
  • Using symbols and lists
  • Internal and external hyperlinks
  • Navigation bars and footers
  • Simple CSS effects
  • Spacing and positioning
  • Graphics and image editing
  • Tables

 The Beginning Web Design  can be purchased several ways to give you the best option for your family.  

KidCoder: Beginning Web Design (Course Only) $70
KidCoder: Beginning Web Design (Course & Video) $85
KidCoder: Beginning Web Design (Video Only) $20

There is also a Package deal for those who would like to order that way, and you can find those pricing and package details here

Now, with all the details laid before you, I must say that we were not successful at doing the course at this time.  My Son is starting 4th grade this year but is on the younger side of the grade, as he's just turned 9. He currently doesn't have the basic knowledge of the computer that would be needed to successfully take the course on his own. However, I DO plan to try again next year and see where we are. Over the next year he will take typing courses as well as learn basic knowledge that will be helpful for him to do the course. He is very excited about taking it one day and was disappointed that he couldn't do it now. However, if my husband or myself gain some free time we may be able to do the course alongside him. 

I would most definitely refer this to family and friends and feel they could benefit from it! I might just take the course myself, I could use it in "blog land"! :) 

I really would love it if you would check out the other reviews given on it. So you can see it from a different perspective and maybe gain some more from personal experience. You can find their reviews here. 

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