Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review: The Classical Historian Medieval History Memory Game

We had the opportunity to review The Medieval History Memory Game by The Classical Historian. I must admit at first I wasn't sure how the kids would respond to it, considering we are on our Summer break and anything "School" related over the summer can get a...well..let's say not so nice response. :) I also wasn't sure how the little ones would respond being only 3 and 4, but to my surprise the games are created for students from preschool through the 12th grade. Score! 

The Classical Historian is a family run business that is focused on creating a love for learning History by using Games and Activities. The family consists of John De Gree, his wife Zdenka and their seven children which they homeschool. Mrs. De Gree,while growing up in Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia, found that playing fun games helped her learn simple facts about history and wanted to implement those same ideas here. 

The Memory Game Comes in three different categories, Medieval, American, and Ancient History. We reviewed the Medieval History. The Memory Game comes with two different versions to play. The first is the traditional Memory Game and the second is Categories. Considering the ages of my kids (3-8) we decided to just play the Memory game for now. The game comes with 64 matching cards and instructions for both games. 

I was thinking at first I would just let my older boys 6 and 8, play the game, but the littles were ecstatic at the mention of "Memory" so I decided to start the game with 24 tiles as opposed to 64 and work our way up by adding sets. To my surprise even my 3 year old LOVED the game (enter here sad face that my phone ended up with water damage and I lost the photos of them playing...the face he made making his first match was priceless!) Also, I was thrilled that even though we aren't in "School" at the time, each card sparked questions based on the photos and the names and gave us an opportunity to begin talking about these events. The littles did fantastic and I left the four to continue playing rounds and increasing cards as they go. I'm excited about using this, as well as, their other games and activities as a tool when studying History in the future. I would also highly recommend purchasing any of the 3 games as a tool in your own studies as well.  So, I know your just dying to know how to get your hands on your very own game aren't you?

Well lucky for you, I have the information you need to get one of these bad boys yourself! ;) The Memory Games sell for $14.95 each and can be purchased from their website. By visiting The Classical Historian you can also see the other options they have including go fish games and History Curriculum for 6-12 grades. 

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  1. Iove this... it looks amazing and very fun.