Saturday, October 19, 2013

Review: A Light for my Path

When I saw that we were going to be reviewing an Apologia book I got a little bit excited. First off, I know I'm rarely ever disappointed with Apologia and second, an ABC Picture book with two preschoolers is right up our alley.

A Light for My Path is written by Davis Carman and was illustrated by Alice Ratterree. The ABC Book is based on Psalm 119. It also includes all 176 verses of the chapter broken down along with the Hebrew Alphabet. 

I must say when I opened it up I was immediately impressed with the fantastic illustrations. She just does a beautiful job giving each page the details and attention it deserves. I was excited to get my kids down to read it and as always get opinions from them, after all it was written with them in mind, not me. :) 

We opened it up and as we began reading the repetitious pages I noticed my kids got involved by reading the "letter" associated word as well as telling me the animal or plant name. They seem to enjoy each page of the alphabet and my youngest didn't lose their attention until close to the end.  I began reading the beginning verses of Psalm 119 and showing them the Hebrew Letters but they immediately lost interest. No biggie, my kids are young and that part might need to be broken down into separate readings. 

I asked my little ones to tell me what they thought about the book and overall it was given a thumbs up! They loved the illustrations, which I bragged on before and talked about it together while flipping through the pages. My oldest said He thought it was great that someone thought to write a book about ABC's as well as learning Scripture. :) 

My Thumbs Up: 
  • Love the colorful Illustrations...Have I mentioned that?! ;) 
  • Each page includes a colorful upper and lower case letter. 
  • Each page contains not only a picture of the new letter but one from the previous letter. Such as, the letter "H" has Hippos but also a Giraffe from the letter G page. So it makes for a great review as you go. :) 

What's Not for me: 
  • We observed that the vocabulary was a bit advanced for our crew. Every family is different, so your preschoolers might be ready for it. 
  • My crew isn't ready for the Hebrew Alphabet or the depth of the longest chapter in the bible. :) 

 I really feel this would be a good book to add to your family library and can be purchased here for $14. You can also read reviews from some of the team members here