Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Thompson's First Annual Straw & Cotton Ball Race

The Anticipation had been building up in the Thompson house for over a week now. News had leaked out that we would be hosting the First Annual Cotton ball & Straw Race on Wednesday! The competitors were full of excitement and giggles as they discussed their upcoming competition.  Many questions would be asked over the next several days as they prepared their straws.

Finally the day arrived and all the announcer (that's me) heard was "WHEN IS IT GOING TO START?!" over and over again. The need to complete chores and meals first came as quite a disappointment (to no surprise!) to the little competitors. But finally the hour arrived and the much anticipated event began!

Racer # 7 comes to us all the way from, well from me. He loves to draw, play Animal Crossing on the Wii and do creative and imaginative play.  (Did I also mention he enjoys messing with his 3 younger siblings?!) Today he will be racing the "Green" straw. This one is a fireball, can't wait to see what he can do with a cotton ball!

Racer #3 is ready to take on the boys in this competition! She is the only female in this competition and confident in her ability to kick "Male Tail". She loves to play with Barbies, Dance & Sing, Clomp in her dress up shoes and attempt to mother her brothers. She will be racing the "Pink" straw.  If you could run a 5k in stilettos, She would be the one!  Go # 3!

Racer #5 will be racing the "Blue" straw today! This guy is all boy and all about this race! He is ready to take on his competitors by force! (into the straw that is!) This fearless racer (cut his own hair this week and was forced into this extremely high buzz, see? Fearless!) likes to spend his free time playing his 3DS or the Wii and enjoys playing outside. Head to the start line #5, let's see what you can do!

And last but by far not least, we have contestants #2 & #8 (the big one with the cotton ball in his nose! Anything to make the littles laugh!) As you can see #2 is the least thrilled of all those competing today! I'm sure it's due to his over confidence in the race, but still he COULD smile! :) Racer #2 & 8 will both be racing "Blue" straws! They also both love watching favorite shows and movies Repetitively and eating! ;) Let's get this two moved into position, It's time for a Race!

 The Contestants are at the starting line and Ready to begin! 

 And They are off!

 It appears that racer #8 is in the lead and #3 has decided against competing and is leaving the competition!

 #2 really never got in the "racing" mood. It appears he is not a fan of  competing (or cameras!) after all!

WAIT! What Do I see?! #7 took the Lead and  WON the race!! WOO HOO!! Congrats to #7 for a Great race! His determination and hard work paid off and he earned himself a nice prize! (A bag of Starburst!)

 We want to thank all those who came out today and competed in the First Annual Cotton Ball & Straw race! It was great fun and we can't wait until next year! =)  


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